Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is This Story Set OnEarth.

Is Empires Falling Set on Earth.  

Empires in this story will resemble those on earth at different points in its history.
The world where this story is set is not our earth although it may be an earth. An Earth
that still walks the line between stark reality and magic. Magic is as much a part of every
day life as science. They are both accepted facts.

Every court has a Mage or a wizard present. None are completely trusted but all are needed to defend against others. Magical forces are the equal to stealth weapons in their world. The most commonly used magical device on their version of earth is a whispering orb. A small crystal ball that can be used to send messages over a great distance. Each orb has one or two mates that they are bonded to. These balls allow one to speak a message into one and have it heard through the other. If the mates are destroyed then the remaining orb goes dim. (Note, the only time in recorded history that the dim orbs came back to life was during the last night of the flaming star, when all of them burned fire red like the star and whispered a single word before they went dead again, that word was Kassar. translated from the first tongue means Fire God.)  

Magic has rarely been used to cause death and only the rarest form of white magic can restore life.

There are three standing empires on this world and one growing on when the story begins.

The central and most powerful one is the Mycen Empire. It mostly resembles ancient Rome and has been ruled for over fifteen years by Empire Gassus Cato as the story begins. His empire possesses the largest standing army ever assembled and controls the entire western corner of the world. It is border to the north by frozen wastelands where mountain tribes and a once powerful kingdom that carved its palaces out of crystal and ice once existed. At it eastern borders is a vast sea and beyond that sea is the great eastern empire.

The Eastern Empire. This is the Empire of the Khan. Once this empire controlled all the eastern lands and parts of the western territories as well. Now after over a hundred years of in fighting and neglect this empire is ripe for the picking. Kingdoms that it once ruled now plot against the Empire's capital and the family that has ruled for over five hundred years. At the time the story begins Nabartar Khan sits the throne. A reluctant warrior king who would rather negotiate with his enemy than crush them.

To the north there are a series of islands that have become over populated by hundreds of tribes the rest. These tribes share a common language and are called by those living in the western and eastern empires Lurkers. They are forever lurking near docks and water ways. They would resemble the ancient Goths. Brave and enduring they are looked upon as barbarians by those who do not understand their ways.

There are whispers of a forth kingdom to the north, but a desert of ice coated sand has kept the truth of what waits there hidden for centuries. It will not be until book two that any of what waits there is revealed.

These Empires will clash in an epic struggle that is driven by greed, survival, hunger and blinding ambition. A struggle that will cost countless lives and crown a ruler of a united world empire.

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