Friday, August 30, 2013

Empires Falling, New about The First Port In The Storm Short

This will be a quick post. The next story in the series of twelve will be up for sale probably next weekend.

The story is titled The First Port in the Storm.

The port mentioned is near the palace that houses Governor Magnux Cato, the nephew of the sitting Emperor. The boat arrives holds a prisoner that if she lives can play an important part in the events to come. The prisoner is named Miri and she is the first of the character that I will introduce who's trade is that of the magical arts.

 The cover on this story is shown below. The image is how I see Miri at this point. You can conclude by the cover that this young woman has suffered a great deal during her capture and confinement. I can safely say that this is the bloodiest of the three short stories that has been released so far. It is the first one that I would give an R rating to. I have to say that the tone and content does reflect what you are going to find in the Empires Falling trilogy of novels.

After this story there are two more concerning characters and events in the Western Empire. Two more that will concern the eastern empire and then the rest will introduce the territories populated by those who are called Lurkers and one story about the once great empire to the north.

 I hope that those of you who have purchased the first two stories have enjoyed them. I did promise a free story would be available soon and it will be the next one after this to be released. I will release it chapter by chapter here and at Wattpad.

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