Friday, December 6, 2013

Empires Falling, New Land Of The Khan Cover

Empires Falling, New Land Of The Khan Cover

I did not like the first cover for the Land Of the Khan short story, I did it myself and it shows. This time I have had a professional do it and it has made a world of difference. Of all the early Empires Falling short stories this one is my favorite and the  best. No one has taken the chance to read this story because of the lousy cover and that left me with two choices. Either I give it away or I change the look. I changed the look and this is your first chance to see it before the cover goes live.

I think that a year from now I will be getting more feedback than  I can deal with, but for now the feedback is slow in coming. Writing an epic fantasy series is a lonely business. Just myself and the characters and there are entire weeks that go by when they say nothing at all.

The next post will feature chapters three and four of the Speaking Demon short. Thank you for visiting my blog and please take a moment to visit the facebook page. When the first book comes out there will be rewards for the facebook followers.

Thank you visiting my site and feel free to pin the new story cover.

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