Saturday, July 12, 2014

Empires Falling, Writing Fantasy Fiction

 The great thing about being a fantasy writer is that you are usually getting to live out a life long dream on paper. You are writing about kingdoms or empires that you have created. Heroes and villains on an epic scale. 

To the public it would appear that I sat down to write Empires Falling a year ago. To me it has been a twenty five year journey. I believe that maybe the second story that I ever finished was fantasy. To understand me as a writer you must understand that Sci fi was my first love and then came a close second epic fantasy. Like most of you I started with the Lord of the Rings. When reading those stories I thought that maybe I could do something like that, but it would most likely be for me alone to read. Empires falling was a million miles away. Now it is just a matter of me putting the whole saga on paper for the rest of the world to read. 

 If any of you have missed my posting I would like to say that I was busy finishing a suspense novel and getting it published. Now that that is done I can devote my full attention to this project. From this point forward the stories are going to come fast and furious. I am knee deep at the moment in the process of transforming the outline for the first novel into a full length novel. Over the next few days the final chapter of the forth story will be published here. Then it will be released as a short for sale with bonus material. 

 The fifth story is the series is titled Zed’s Escape. If you have read story number two then you will know what it is about. 

 Story number six will be about Miri and Magnux. It features the trial of Captain Lucan also it will introduce the Lurkers to you for the first time. 

Story number seven is titled Fire Dance and it features Kiylah Khan now four years older which will bring her closer to the same time period as stories one, three and six. Note: To tell Kiylah’s and Zed’s portion of the story I needed to start earlier in their timeline than the other character. By the twelve story in the series of shorts I promise that all characters will occupy the same time. This will of course lead them all into the first novel of the Trilogy.

 Story number seven is titled The Hand Stands. It features Julia Cato, the Wind Riders and introduces the Emperor’s new hand as internal threats to the Emperor are revealed. Story number eight is The Heritic. You will meet two of the major villains in this story. Okay that is enough about the upcoming stories. 

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