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Empires Falling Video Intro and Chapter Seven

I would like to share two things with you concerning my epic fantasy series Empires Falling. The intro video and chapter seven of the Speaking Demon short story.

When marketing a work of fiction creating a video clip that you can share via social media is extremely important. This will be the first of many video clips that will relate to Empires Falling. I wish that writing an epic fantasy series was all about the writing, but marketing plays a huge part of it when the writer does not have a big publishing house behind him or her.

Okay here is a look at the video and please feel free to share it.


Now I would like to show you chapter seven of Whispers from a Speaking Demon.

Chapter Seven.

For those infested by a demon there were only three known ways to dispose of one. The person could force it out themselves. It had been know to happen. The second way was the one most often used. Fire would get rid of the demon. Burn the person infected alive and the demon would flee the body. The third way was to employ a sorcerer or sorceress to charm the demon out of the body and then once it was free of the protection of human flesh to use a vanquishing spell to destroy it.

Amelina had known all of this since the age of six and had charmed two demons during her life time. It was having your soul stripped bare to be sniffed over by a creature that was only remotely human in appearance, but so much darker inside than any human being could ever imagine. Being lusted after by her companions while she bathed nude in their presence had been a warm and pleasant experience compared to what those demons had done while she wrestled with them. She knew that these men would happily mount her if offered the opportunity, but not one of them would willingly cause her harm. The thing about being born the way they were was that each of them had been hurt by the world around them. To be born with their gifts made them outsiders the moment those gifts were discovered. Amelina had been lucky where her tribe was concerned. Her people respected those with gifts. They saw her as a gift. Something rare and powerful that was sent to help them.

Now that rare and powerful gift was for sale and that made her walk up to the second floor of the house a sad walk. On the second floor landing she was met by Fulvia, a woman who looked older than dust. 

“The last two were men.”Fulvia said.

“The last two died here.”Amelina said. She was forever finding herself being reminded that the world equated beauty with weakness. If men had died doing what she was going to attempt then she was bound to die as well.

“So they did.”Fulvia nodded. Amelina turned her eyes to an empty stool that rested by a chamber door. The massive oak door worried her as much as what was inside. If that door was sealed it could take half a day to chop through it. Two sorcerers had gone through that door and been killed on the other side. They had gone in there alone and had died alone. The thing that she needed to do had to be done by her alone, but the demon inside the man had been able to open them up. From what she understood one of the two had been left hanging from the ceiling in there by his intestines. That suggested a rare kind of power.

Alone? Amelina mused. No not alone this time. After all there were no rules on how many could be present while this was being done, only on how many could do it at once.

“Lanzo.”Amelina whispered his name and it was not until she had said it that she knew he was the one that she wanted in there with her.

“You want something?”His voice came from the stairs of which he was nearing the top of.

She waited until he was standing in her shadow before she spoke.

“I think that you should learn how to charm a demon.”That was as close to suggesting that she may need some help that she was willing to come to.

“I suppose that I should see how it is done.”Lanzo responded and was that a hint of sarcasm that she head in his voice? She could have invited Aldo instead, but there was the fact that she had read Lanzo’s future and it was fixed in a massive way that could not be ended here and now. If she knew that then so would the demon.

“So be it. Just keep one thing in mind. That it will constantly lie. It will mix in the truth, but most things will be lies. It knows the past and the future. It will know your fears and desires. Do not talk to it.”Amelina told him. “Lanzo?”

“I will do as I am told.”Lanzo said.

If he did then it would be the first time since she met him.

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