Monday, August 18, 2014

Speaking Demon On Amazon

                Speaking Demon On Amazon

This will be a quick post to announce that my short story Whispers from a Speaking Demon is now available for sale in its complete form on Amazon for ninety nine cents.
The story is exactly forty pages and runs slightly over ten thousand words. I considered adding a prologue to the story in an effort to make it more unique, but it will only be available here to read for two weeks and I intend to pull it from wattpad as well.
    When marketing a epic fantasy series the writer almost always ave to give away a story or two to grow the fan base and I intend to do something like that in the month of October. Perhaps posting the first three short stories for a free month as we approach the release of the first novel. 
    Here is the link to Amazon.  You can also click on the picture below. 

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