Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Empires Falling, The Writing of a Series

 In some ways I approach the writing on this series of stories and novel in the same way that I would if I were to write a tv series. I see this story as being very visual. Writing short stories are in many ways harder than the novel. I need all of these short stories to connect in a certain way or readers of the novels to come will have to do a great deal of catching up. 


The more that I work on these stories the easier it is to visualize my lead characters. I think as you see the covers of the upcoming stories it will be easier for you guys to visualize them as well. The most vivid cover is that of the story that introduces Miri and Magnux. I think for the rest of the series readers will see Miri that way. While I have decided to do multiple covers featuring my idea of who Kiylah is. The next story that will include her character is number five in the series titled Zed’s Escape. Since she is the same age as she was in the previous story she will not be pictured on the cover. Also that story is mostly about Zed and the odds he will face along the frontiers of the Eastern empire. 

The cover of the seventh short, Fire Dance, is ready for my review and it features Kiylah Khan. This version of Kiylah is nearing her fifteenth year and has grown into a beautiful young woman. Below is the first glimpse of the cover and I would like you to understand that this is still a possible cover. It may change.

Next is a look at the cover for the sixth story. It features Magnux and Miri a few days after her rescue. The cover will reflect the true threat to their continued safety and that of the empire as a whole. The cover will introduce you guys to the barbarians from the islands both East and West refer to as the Wilderness. These barbarians are known as Lurkers. They are ruthless conquers who practices a very powerful form of dark magic that is fueled by human sacrifice. With their arrival the battles that will cause empires all over this fictional world to crumble has officially begun. 

In this dark fantasy series I have favorites but that does not mean that characters whom I like will not suffer and even die along the way. I have to be true to the story and true to the choices that these characters will make due to his or her own nature. In closing I would like ask you to spread the word about Empires Falling and to Pin the new covers to your Pinterest.

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